06 Jul This New Test Will Tell You How Your Office Is Affecting Your Health

I recently made the switch to a standing desk at my day job, and as a result have become quite interested in how our jobs and workplaces effect our overall health. The article introduces the Fitwel, which is a testing service currently in pilot that will determine the healthiness of your physical work environment.

A growing body of research shows that the design of our surroundings strongly influences our health behaviors—and bad design is one reason for America’s obesity crisis.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (National Center for Environmental Health). Architect: Perkins + Will. Fitwel: three-star rated .Hedrich Blessing


The standing desk movement shows just how powerful a tool design can be in combating obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles.

To read more about the Fitwel test and to find out how you can assess the healthiness of your office, read the full Fast Company article here.